Impactathon School

We promote mentored learning using eLearning collaboration, with future-focused organizations, to promote lifelong learning for all

We focus on the transformative power of digital technologies

We support global economies realize the tenets of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) to ensure every country changes the way it sources data to advise decision making

We commit our support to food supply chains within a food system to deliver availability, access, and utilization of food, without waste, within a stabile organizational food-based data sourcing framework

Our model framework supports monitoring of regions of high food availability against those that lack food, support data sourcing associated with the same, and promote allied analysis to overcome the challenges of accurate and timely decision making

We use satellite and geospatial platforms with geotagging tools to support sourcing of data

What we do

We promote knowledge as the vehicle for fusing digital, biological, and physical spheres through new technologies for data sourcing linked with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and advanced wireless technologies that help usher in a new era of economic disruption using data sourcing organizational paradigms

We support communities through our forte perspective of learning how to solve problems using experiential learning rather than theoretical lectures and videos alone, to explain the foundational knowledge

We support data-driven decision paradigms as pathways to support the food system process for problem-solving as well as for opportunity generation

To guide project formulators to prioritize the use of design thinking to drive experiential learning as the pathway to realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We explore pathways that fit a model of community engagement using the food systems in data-driven delivery of solutions to and through learners who are trained to think hard, make mistakes, and learn from solutions they jointly co-create