Science conversations in Gikuyu

Science conversations in Gikuyu

Science conversations in Gikuyu

Class aim: To engage Gikuyu language speakers in short conversations about science & biology by discussing relevant topics like diseases, agriculture, and current events. Subtitles in either Kiswahili and/or English subtitles are always included.

Why Gikuyu?: Countless studies have demonstrated the importance of engaging people in their mother tongue. In many parts of the world, technical information is available in both the national languages and the various indigenous languages. So, I  curate science conversations in Gikuyu for three reasons: (1) It is the only one of the 50+ amazing indigenous languages of Kenya that I know (2) I wish to increase access to science for people who prefer to hear and learn information in Gikuyu (3) To encourage my fellow scientists to do the same in their African indigenous languages.

What do I hope you get from this course? I hope that you learn one new thing, and that you will be empowered and encouraged to embrace your curiosity about scientific topics.




  1. Muriega! Umuuthĩ tukwaria uhoro wa uria vaccines ciruutaga wiira.   Hello! In today's lesson we will talk about how vaccines work. This lesson contains both Gikuyu and Kiswahili content
  2. Wimwega! Ũmuuthi turaaria ũhoro wa mũrimu wa malaria. Today we're chatting about malaria. This has both English and Kiswahili subtitles
  3. Ũmũũthi tũkwaria ũhoro wa mũrimu wiitagwo Diabetes, kana mũrimu wa sukari. Niukuona mbica cia theero iria cirwaraga, na ni tũũkwaria ũhoro wa morekiuri iria ciithogothanagio murimũ-ini ũyũ. In this lesson, we learn about diabetes and what specifically is happening in this disease. You will see some images of the cells that become affected, and we'll talk about which molecules are affected.
  4. After this lesson, you will have a basic understanding of some of the events that happen at the cellular level when someone has the disease of cancer. This lesson is in Gikuyu, with English subtitles.
  5. Mũriega! Ũmũũthi tũraria ũhoro wa biology ya mũrimu wa depression. Tukwaria ũhoro wa ũria tombo na neurotransmitters cicenjagia. Hello! Today we will talk about the biology of depression. We will discuss what changes in the brain.

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  • Todd Scolaro

    There’s definately a lot to find out about this subject. I really like all of the points you made.

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